Super Easy Summer Decorating Ideas

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It's never too late for a "staycation." You have plenty of time to soak up the summer months by adding a warm, fun, and casual vibe to your decor. It doesn’t require much effort to create a relaxing interior for you and your family to enjoy for the rest of the season. Try any or all of these super easy tricks to transform your home into a summer getaway without ever leaving your neighborhood.

Restyle Your Tables and Shelves

Start by removing everything from the coffee tables, bedside tables, sofa console, bookcases and shelves and bring in natural decor. Incorporate coastal accessories, such as sea shells, coral, driftwood and glass floats. Choose objects that relate to summer like dried sun palm leaves, wooden bead garland, destination photography books, a lime washed tray, artisan vases, greenery or a grouping of fragrant citrusy votives.

Keep Things Simple

How would you like your house to look if it were a summer vacation home? Let in lots of light by taking down heavy curtains and replacing weighty furniture pieces with wicker, glass top tables and fun poufs for additional seating. Store away bulky throws and the majority of your accessories to keep the rooms feeling light and airy.

Bring the Outdoors In

Being outside is synonymous with summer so why not bring that feeling inside? For an organic look introduce natural materials such as jute, reclaimed wood, macrame wall hangings and succulents. Textiles like linen and cotton give rooms a fresh summery feel. Merge your outdoor and indoor entertaining spaces with coordinating furnishings and fabrics. This way you’ll instantly double your square footage.

Brighten It Up

Rich and deep tones suit cold weather months but summer calls for a variety of whites, pastels and brights. While you probably won’t be running out to buy new upholstered furniture you can bring in cheerful pillows, sheers and slipcovers as an easy way to lighten the mood of your rooms.

Paint Dark Wood White

Create the look of a summer beach home with white wood elements. Paint out dark paneling, thrift store tables, bookcases and vintage wicker seating with white and neutrals to give the rooms the essence of long summer days. Use chalk paint so you don't have to sand and prime. It adheres to wood beautifully. Easy prep consists of wiping down the wood with a damp cloth, letting it dry and painting straight away.

Get Kid-Friendly

Summer months seem endless for your kids. Most likely they’ll be hanging out at home for most of the time so you need to make it comfortable for them. Keep summer decor kid-friendly by using durable slipcovers, easy clean fabrics and furniture that can stand up to daily wear and tear. Swap out some of your nicer pieces with replacements from thrift stores and garage sales. You can retire them when school’s back in session.

Move the Furniture

Nothing breathes new life into a space more than rearranging the furniture. Your television or fireplace obviously isn’t the right focal point for warm weather. Shift your furniture into a new configuration to promote face-to-face social interaction. Make your windows or French doors the room’s focus to enjoy views of the pool, lush yard or flower garden.

Pick Some Flowers

One of our favorite ways to inject bright color and natural fragrance into your staycation home is to place bouquets of freshly picked (or purchased) flowers in prominent spots around the house. Think foyer, living room, bedroom and kitchen. Glorious arrangements of frilly pink peonies, bold yellow gerberas or fiery orange lilies instantly cheer up any space and create perfect summer centerpieces.

Quick Ways to Switch Your Home to Summer

  • Add outdoor entertaining decor.
  • Swap out heavy blankets for a lightweight duvet cover.
  • Use fresh summer home scents.
  • Arrange floor pillows for a casual seating area.
  • Hang gauzy curtains to blow in the breeze.
  • Bring in botanical fabrics.
  • Pare down furnishings.
  • Plant succulents in seashells.
  • Place fresh flowers around the house.
  • Set a nautical dinner table.
  • Make the windows a focal point.
  • Change out wall art.

Summer Decorating at Home

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